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Company:  MSCC
Developed:  Yes
Designed:  No
Categories:  2012, Website
Tags:  None available
Website:  http://www.lightinginnovations.co.za/li/
Type:  Website

Screenshots taken long after completion of project

I took these screenshots on 2 April 2016 but completed the project in 2012. The content looks more or less the same from when I developed the site but there are a lot of new items under news and a bit of text added to the product pages. The framework still looks the same. This was my first big proper website. Before this I just did a few small websites.


The website no longer looks like the screenshots.

  • I only developed this website while working for MSCC during the years 2011 and 2012. This website does not belong to me.
  • Also, the website might not look like the screenshots in the above banner because the screenshots were taken right after I completed the project.

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